August 31, 2016


Welcome to DIYPSI.  We are a collaboration of Blunttech and Classic Daily and are committed to bringing you the highest quality and valued products to boost your BMW.

On this page we will post our up and coming products and advancements.  In the near future we are planning to have FULL bolt of turbo kits for the E30, E36, and E46 platforms.  At the current moment we are offering our manifolds, turbos, and other hardware you will need to Boost your BMW.

If you have ANY questions what so ever PLEASE contact us as we are more than willing to help with your project.

We are currently looking for an m20 E30, E36 (any), and E46 (non M3) to use to fabricate a full turbo kit.  If you are willing to do some work yourself or bring your car to the Classic Daily shop (located in Michigan, 48708) please contact us for available discounts.


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